Exploring the World from Above

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Our photogrammetry Steps

Data Acquisition Planning
  • Flight Mission Planning: Planning aerial surveys considering project requirements like coverage area, resolution, and accuracy.
  • Pre-flight Analysis: Analyzing factors such as optimal camera settings, flight altitude, and sensor configurations.

Aerial Data Collection
  • Using Aerial Vehicles: Conducting surveys using manned or unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with high-resolution cameras, LiDAR sensors, or other remote sensing technologies.
  • Imagery and Point Cloud Capture: Capturing data from various angles and altitudes to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Image Processing
  • Raw Imagery Processing: Processing raw aerial imagery using photogrammetry software to generate orthophotos, DSMs, and point clouds.
  • Image Reconstruction: Performing image alignment, bundle adjustment, and triangulation for accurate 3D reconstruction.

Point Cloud Processing
  • LiDAR Data Processing:Processing raw LiDAR point cloud data to generate DEMs, DTMs, and 3D models of terrain and infrastructure.
  • Data Filtering and Editing: Filtering, classifying, and editing point cloud data to enhance accuracy and remove noise.

Data Integration & Analysis
  • GIS Integration:Integrating survey data with existing GIS datasets, satellite imagery, and ground truth data for comprehensive spatial analysis.
  • Terrain and Land Use Analysis:Analyzing terrain characteristics, land cover, and land use patterns for various applications.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • QA/QC Checks:Conducting rigorous checks to assess the accuracy and reliability of survey products.
  • Error Verification:Verifying ground control points, checking for geometric errors, and validating alignment with ground truth data.

Visualization & Reporting
  • Visual Communication:Generating visualizations like orthophotos, 3D models, and animations to communicate survey findings effectively.
  • Comprehensive Reporting:Preparing detailed reports documenting methodologies, workflows, and key findings.