Principal Services

BIM Modeling

Carry out our engineering representations on digital models, using BIM tools. Draw digital structural, architectural and MEP models from 3D point clouds.

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Enhancing Technical Management

The modeling of buildings, real estate complexes to achieve technical management. The organization of data must follow a logic of data interoperability in order to integrate a BIM process.

Comprehensive Support Services

Wolo's Expertise Available to Support Your Endeavors:

  • Plan Digitization
  • BIM Modeling (Intelligent 3D Digital Model) of Sites, Buildings, Real Estate Complexes, MEP...
  • Qualification of Data Entered into the Database
  • Development of Tools for Managing Your Real Estate Database
Revolutionizing Digital Modeling

WOLO ENGINEERING: Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology for High-Quality Data Capture and Digital Reproduction.

The integration of innovative techniques and technologies enables the creation of a final model capable of digitally replicating the physical world. Applications range from virtualizing small artifacts to civil or industrial architectural entities, up to territorial scale.

Advanced 3D Virtualization

Multi-Informative Vectorial Virtualization from a High-Precision 3D Base.

Specialized Team with BIM Manager, BIM Specialist, BIM Coordinator Qualifications.

High Level of Detail in Product Modeling. Characteristics range from material to morphology to lifecycle information.

Advanced Capabilities in Building Modeling

Programming Capabilities for Straightening and Restructuring Cycles.

Capability for Energy Aspect Qualification.

Capability to Produce HBIM Models (Historical or Heritage Building Modeling) for Historic Buildings or Ancient Objects.

Comprehensive BIM Support

Our multidisciplinary teams bring business expertise as well as technological know-how, ensuring comprehensive BIM support. From strategic consulting to digital production, our BIM department facilitates and optimizes all productions while guaranteeing all data (geometric, informational, and documentary) to meet your requirements.

Driving Efficiency: Strategic BIM Solutions

The BIM service stands as one of Wolo's premier strategic engineering business ventures, providing solutions to maximize client efficiency in BIM modeling, generative design, BIM execution, BIM automation, BIM implementation, and BIM integration. We specialize in architectural BIM, structural BIM, MEP BIM, rendering and step-by-step procedures, as well as Revit family creation.

Efficient Project Management: Ensuring Quality, Compliance, and Timely Delivery"

Coordinating with the client to ensure project quality assurance. Ensuring compliance with current standards and regulations and resolving technical issues to ensure project quality. Adhering to deadlines and priorities to ensure project delivery within specified timelines. Creating digital models for structure, architecture, and MEP from point clouds.