Principal Services

Quality Check

Using the 3EYE software ‘’’’, we will perform a quality control of house numbers, IU and Pianni, previously surveyed with QGIS, which mainly consists of recovering INEXISTENT and UNVERIFIED house numbers and UPDATE the DATABASE

Creation of existing infrastructure

Physical Network Inventory (PNI) offers a complete and accurate representation of the physical network, from the switch to the customer. By integrating inside and outside plant data into a single, consolidated database, Physical Network Inventory provides an end-to-end network view that allows the network model to be manipulated and visualized at any level.

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Architecture and sizing of study areas (POP 4096 UI / PFP 1024 UI / PFS 256 UI)

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01 LQM (light quality manager) in OF-Controlli Progettazione-Controlli Progettazione Esecutiva.

02 Progettazione Cavi and Serie 1/2 .

03 Connections (connessioni button on Progettazione Cavi) .